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What is Mediation? • Niemann Mediation Services

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a cost-effective method of resolving a legal dispute in which a neutral professional assists the parties in settling their issues in a mutually respectful and satisfying manner. This approach can help people and businesses avoid the lengthy battle of trial, preserve personal and business relationships and keep confidential information from being exposed to public scrutiny.

The goal of a mediator is to help people reach resolutions acceptable to both sides. A mediator does not represent either side in a dispute. Rather a mediator listens to both sides and assists them in finding a way to resolve the issues that divide them.


  • Mediation usually provides a quicker, more cost-effective and more satisfactory outcome than litigation.

  • While a court trial may take months, or even years, to resolve a dispute, mediation can be paced and scheduled according to the needs of the parties involved.

  • Mediation results in a higher likelihood of compliance with the agreement, as parties are more likely to comply with a solution that they helped to develop.

  • Parties who mediate are more likely to enjoy a more cordial relationship in the future, which is particularly important in a business context in which the two sides wish—or need—to do business together in the future.

  • No party is forced to accept a solution that does not meet his or her interests and needs. The goal is to develop an agreement that comes as close as possible to a "win-win," with both sides receiving as much of what they seek as possible.


Niemann Mediation Services
Robert Niemann has a unique background in law and business.

As an attorney in private practice and public service, coupled with his service as a judge pro tempore, Mr. Niemann can readily assess the legal aspects of matters in dispute. As a businessman and as a real estate professional, he understands the practical side of resolving disputes. Because of that background, he can swiftly analyze the issues involved in a dispute and assist with resolving it in the most expeditious and least expensive manner possible.

Robert Niemann is available to provide mediation services in a wide variety of categories, including business and real estate disputes, employment matters and personal injury actions in Contra Costa County, as well as the greater Bay Area and California, as a whole.





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