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Robert Niemann has a unique background in law and business.

As an attorney in private practice, Mr. Niemann developed extensive trial and arbitration experience, representing clients in a variety of fields.

As an attorney with the court of appeal and as a judge pro tempore, Mr. Niemann used his considerable experience in identifying issues necessary to resolution of the cases under consideration and swiftly resolving those issues.

As a businessman and as a real estate professional, Mr. Niemann has an understanding of what is involved in doing business in the real world. Because of that unique background, he is skilled at identifying the issues that must be resolved in an arbitration and focusing the parties’ attention on those issues. Accordingly, Mr. Niemann is skilled at bringing cases to swift and fair resolution. Mr. Niemann is available to arbitrate cases in Contra Costa County, as well as the greater Bay Area and California, as a whole.

Mr. Niemann is skilled at arbitrating cases in virtually all fields, including, but not limited to:

Real Estate
Employment Matters
Personal Injury Actions




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